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WordPress :: iPhone

When I ventured to to setup this blog I noticed that there was an iPhone application. As owner of a new iPhone I was pretty chuffed.

One of the reasons my previous attempts to blog failed, were lack of time to sit down and write. Although not much has changed regarding time, I can make a good start by creating notes for a post.

Another plus for me, when posts are saved on the iPhone it can store them locally, so you don’t even have to be connected. (Very handy in rural Lincolnshire).

Briefly Disappointed

I knew it was a new application but I really hoped it had comment moderation. Sadly version 1.1 doesn’t but after checking the road map I found that this feature had already been completed.

The 1.2 milestone is still in beta and is currently being tested. For me it can’t come soon enough, so if I can make the time I will try and contribute.


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