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Eclipse PDT and JSEclipse on Ubuntu 64

eclipseAround 4 months ago I decided to try out Eclipse and PDT. For a novice Ubuntu user it was fairly complicated and the 64bit version only added to the fun. Luckily a helpful guide on showed me the way.

PDT v2.0 was released on the 29th December and after reading some good things and how much easier it is to setup I decided to upgrade. I turned again to 64bitjungle and followed this tutorial. The process was much quicker, they have really improved the install for 64bit Users.

I also like to use the JSEclipse, it provides features you would expect, like code completion, syntax highlighting, library support (dojo etc.) and error reporting. To make it easier add the following URL to Eclipse’s Software Updates/Addons (Help > Software Update > Add Site).

The experiance was smoother and Eclipse feels likes it’s running quicker. I would definitely recommend upgrading.


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PHP Positions

I was looking for a small project to help get into Zend Framework and while talking to Dave Marshall he invited me to help with his Php Job Board, PHPPositions.

PHPPositions UK is a simple job board, listing genuine PHP jobs, for genuine companies. No agencies.

I found myself in a little too deep, but did manage a small amount of work on the RSS feed. In the end I decided that I need a better grasp of the ZF and picked up “A Guide to Programming with Zend Framework“, by Cal Evans. I’m only 4 chapters in but so far it’s been good. I’ll perhaps write a proper review when I’m done (hopefully before ZF 1.7 is released).

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Are we there yet? (PHPNW ’08)

Only 18 more sleeps until my first Php conference. It’s a 1 day conference, held in Manchester. Very handy for someone living in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. The conference is ran by PHP North West.

phpnw08 is a 1 day conference, to be held on Saturday 22nd November 2008, for developers, designers, managers or anyone else with an interest in the PHP programming language.

The schedule is looking really good, especially as this is PHP NW’s first conference. My schedule looks to include, First Steps with Zend Framework with Rob Allen, Index and Search, options for PHP programmers with Zoe Slattery and The Power of Refactoring with Stefan Koopmanschap.

You might see me milling about with some work colleagues, including Dave Marshall. We are in Manchester for the best part of the weekend. Should be a cracking time.

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